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5 Tech Stocks Icahn, Soros and Others Are Buying

Tech bubble or no tech bubble? Some hedge fund heavyweights aren't worried about it -- at least not yet.
5 New Fiber Mascaras for Huge Lashes

These false-lashes-in-a-tube formulas are the answer to wimpy lashes -- and they're better than ever
Why Age Discrimination Hurts Your Mom the Most

Older women seeking jobs encounter more age discrimination than their male peers, according to a recent study that reviewed 40,000 applicants -- from teachers to accountants and janitorial workers.
8 Bronzing Hacks for Women With Dark Skin

These essential products and bronzing techniques give complexions of all colors that next-level glow
What 'Li-Fi' Could Mean for the Future of Wi-Fi, Mobile and Tech Stocks

Light Fidelity, or 'Li-Fi,' is like a high-speed, next generation upgrade for Wi-Fi. Will this new technology impact the way investors see tech stocks?
Royals Release Pictures of Princess Charlotte

Ahead of the occasion of the fourth in line to the British throne marking six months on planet Earth, the British royals have apparently decided to reward the Internet with two new photos of Princess Charlottetaken by none other than the Duchess of Cambridge, reports Sky News . Per Sky,...
Why Sofia Vergara Posted Wedding Pics on Instagram

Newlyweds Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello might have cashed in by selling their wedding photos to a celebrity magazine, but instead they posted the pictures online, and the benefits could be priceless. Vergara shared 55 photos from her wedding weekend on Instagram , from the romantic, flower-filled setting to her first...
Shopping Around for a Place to Live Overseas Can Be a Serious Headache

More Americans are living abroad than ever. Here's how two found a place to live.
Merry Christmas, You're Fired: Why Holiday Pink Slips Are Less Taboo

Firing employees during the Yuletide cheer has become more accepted as companies are less hesitant to fire or lay off unproductive employees when they are faced with rising costs.
Fraudsters Want to Sabotage Your Data This Holiday: Heres How to Fight Back

Don't let cyber-thieves ruin your holidays - protect your personal financial data
Video: Home equity rates for Nov. 13, 2014

The average home equity line of credit rate rose this week.
Passbook savings: Charmingly old-school banking

How passbook savings differs from a typical account: It's all about old-school banking.
Is Turkey a developed country?

Understand that the distinction between developed and developing countries can be nebulous, and learn why Turkey sits in the gray area between the two.
Do plane tickets get cheaper closer to the date of departure?

Read about when to buy flights. See how statistics can predict optimal pricing. Read about price volatility over time. Learn about price spikes.
Why Amy Schumer Posed for 'Ugly, Sexy' Nude Pic

Amy Schumer, posing in her undies with tummy folds? Serena Williams, similarly dressed while showing off her buff physique? The Pirelli Calendarwhich usually shows skinny models and actresses in soft-core posesis breaking from tradition this year by using photos of successful women across various fields, the Daily Beast...
HSAs and FSAs: How to Decide Between Them

FSAs and HSAs are both excellent ways to help cover a portion of medical costs with pre-tax dollars. Here's how to decide between the two.
Calif. Man Pulls Off Good Deed Before His Death

A declined credit card, not enough cash to pay a $200 grocery bill, a long line of annoyed customers behind you, and a crying baby. It's enough to make most parents want to sink into the floor, and probably how Jamie-Lynne Knighten felt one night earlier this month at a...
A Smart Guide To Scary Chemicals

Every week, our Facebook feeds explode with new warnings about toxins in our daily lives. But is that couch with flame retardants or your nonstick skillet really going to kill you? We dug deep into the research to find out which chemicals actually pose a risk and what we all can do about them right now.
What's good about Fed rate hikes? These 7 things

The Fed could soon raise rates for the first time in years. You may want to celebrate.
Multiple mortgages muddy retirement plans

A pile of loans can complicate your route to retirement. Weigh these options before acting.
5 Slim Secrets You Learned in Kindergarten

Consider this your healthy hall pass to get fit, strong and lean, all while acting like a kid again.
Read this before switching credit cards

Avoid nasty surprises whenchanging credit cards. Here are 5 things to watch for.
17 Ways to Age-Proof Your Brain

Sharpen your memory with these surprising anti-aging tricks.
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Mayor Emanuel: Chicago Police Chief Is Out
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced Tuesday the firing of Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy, the AP reports, just a week after the release of dashcam video that showed the 2014 killing of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald at the hands of Officer Jason Van Dyke. "This morning, I formally asked for [McCarthy's] resignation,... More >
Latest News
5 Highlights From Latest Round of Clinton Emails
There are some pressing issues (Benghazi, the Arab Spring) broached in a newly released batch of Hillary Clinton's emails, but as the AP notes, the 7,800 or so pages released by the State Department Monday also provide "a glimpse into the private side of one of the world's most... More >
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