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Cramer: Kinder Morgan Is Out; Starwood, Express Scripts, 3M Are In

Jim Cramer's team made some big changes to the Action Alerts Plus portfolio this week.
10 Reasons to Hop on the Halter Trend

Your triangle swimsuit tops have never been so stylish. See how celebs are styling this throwback neckline on the red carpet
Buy or Lease? Your Decision Is a Few Simple Questions Away

Deciding whether to lease or buy a car may seem intimidating, but answering a few simple questions will help you make the correct decision.
8 Pairs of Leather Gloves Worth Splurging On

These designer gloves are all you need to elevate your outerwear game
'Mad Money' Lightning Round: Sell, Sell, Sell Achillion Pharmaceuticals

Cramer says to wait on Retail Opportunity Investments and take GameStop over Glu Mobile.
The Duggar Lesson: Stop This Reality Exploitation

Boy, those Duggars were fun to watcheven hate-watchuntil things got creepy . Same with Honey Boo Boo . And Duck Dynasty . Enough already, pleads Kevin Fallon in a post at the Daily Beast whose headline advocates the "end of hicksploitation on TV." When doling out blame to the particular families...
'Screech' Is (a Little) Guilty in Stabbing

"Screech" has been found guilty in a bar stabbing , but not as guilty as he could have been. A Wisconsin jury last night cleared Saved by the Bell actor Dustin Diamond of a felony charge but convicted him of two misdemeanors, reports AP . The 38-year-old is guilty of carrying a...
Chip-and-PIN Procrastination Is Endangering Your Credit Card

While new chip-and-PIN EMV credit and debit cards are being issued before their Oct. 15 deadline, signing and swiping keeps putting your data at risk.
Did You Think You Could Forget About Data Hackers? Here's How Not to Be a Victim Anyway

Don't ignore a credit breach at a company that holds your data. It may take you years to recover.
Why Bank Branches Are at Risk for Disappearing (but Will Never Go Away Entirely)

There's been a 40% decline in U.S. bank branches since 1991 and a projected continuing decline of 25% by 2018.
Mortgage rates edge downward after 4-week rise

Mortgage rates reversed direction. So, it's not too late to get a home loan, right?
Get ahead financially by saving for different goals

You can set aside money for a car, college and retirement just by planning purposefully.
5 Things Isis Pharmaceuticals Wants You to Know

Despite having a drug -- Kynamro -- on the market, Isis Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: ISIS) remains a pipeline story. In fact, Kynamro was only mentioned twice on the company's first quarter conference call: once in the forward looking statements at the beginning of the call and a second time regarding plans to report data for a clinical trial that could expand Kynamro's label.
How To Invest In The Swiss Franc

The Swiss franc is one of the safe havens of the investing world. Learn how invest through ETFs, forex, futures, and binary options.
JK Rowling Shuts Down Homophobes (Again) on Twitter

The Westboro Baptist Church protests against pretty much everyone and everything, so any shock value they may have had wore off long ago. But one person they shouldn't have set their sights on is JK Rowling, who effectively owned the anti-gay group after members started sparring with her on Twitter,...
What is a Bank?

A bank is a financial institution licensed to receive deposits or issue new securities to the public.
Judge Shows No Mercy to Creator of Underground Site

If the judge were feeling lenient, she could have given Ross Ulbricht a 20-year sentence. Instead, she delivered a life term to the 31-year-old founder of Silk Road , a now-shuttered underground website that allowed people to buy drugs anonymously with Bitcoins. "It was a carefully planned life's work," US District...
17 Ways to Burn More Calories All Day

Looking to zap more calories? Here are 17 stealth ways to crank up your potential.
5 perks of a great travel rewards card

Live the globetrotting lifestyle, or visit family often? Be sure you have the right rewards card.
Fastest way to pay down $50K credit card debt

Paying the minimum amount could leave you in debt forever. Here's the way to pay it off feasibly.
4 Habits That Set You Up for Good Luck

Serendipity isn't a game of chance. It's much more predictable than that. Experts have identified four habits that can set us all up for good fortune.
The top 10 states for foreclosure

Take a look at the top 10 states for foreclosure in April, and see if yours made the list.
12 Superfoods for Stress Relief

Get smart about stress-eating. Skip the chips and fill up on these potentially anxiety-reducing foods.
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Rand Paul: I'm Going to Let Patriot Act Expire
It's all but guaranteed now: The NSA's authorization to collect telephone data on Americans is going to end tomorrow—at least for a few days. That became clear when Rand Paul told Politico that he will block an extension the Patriot Act as well as progress on a related House... More >
Latest News
Dying Son Saves His Mother's Life
A woman in suburban in Chicago received a kidney transplant this month that turned out to be a near perfect match, and a life-saving one. But Rose Perry's good fortune is tempered by tragedy: The kidney came from her son, a 24-year-old who suffered a stroke out of the blue... More >
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