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Aetna to Buy Humana for $37 Billion in Cash and Stock

Health insurer Aetna will buy rival Humana for $37 billion in cash and stock, or about $230 per Humana share based on Aetna's Thursday closing price.
Fake a Full Night's Sleep with These New Super-Concealers

Anti-aging makeup? Sign us up! These new BFFs brighten eyes instantly and provide long-term skin care benefits
With Mortgage Applications Plunging, Are We Seeing An Omen of What's to Come?

The latest MBA weekly data show mortgage applications dropped 4.7% while mortgage rates ticked up to their highest level since last October. Does this spell bad news for the future?
Never Wash Your Face the Same Way Again

Thanks to the array of micellar waters on the market, you can step away from the sink
Bourbon Whiskey -- A Brief History of This All-American Drink

Why not celebrate this Fourth of July by savoring some bourbon, a truly American spirit. Here's a brief history of our national whiskey.
Diddy Takes a Tumble at BET Awards

Watch where you're walking, Diddy. While rocking out on stage at the BET awards last night, the hip-hop star fell into a hole that had opened in the stage to introduce Lil' Kim during a performance in celebration of Bad Boy Records' 20th anniversary. He managed to pull himself out,...
Joni Mitchell Expects 'Full Recovery' After Aneurysm

Joni Mitchell's friend and conservator is setting the record straight on the Canadian singer's condition after she was rushed to the hospital in March. Though singer David Crosby claimed Mitchell was "not speaking yet" in an interview with HuffPost Live on Friday, Leslie Morris approved a statement on JoniMitchell.com...
How to Get a Great Deal On A New Bank Checking Account

Checking account rates may not be top shelf, but there are good deals out there - if you think "small".
Budget Travel Guide to Greece in the Face of the Grexit

Looking for a chance to check out Greece this summer? Here are a few tips to make it particularly affordable.
Behold the Best Budget Travel Destinations for 2015

Summer travel plans can waylay even the most thoughtfully constructed budgets. But it's possible to outsmart rising prices.
6 reasons (5 good, 1 bad) to spend home equity

There are many reasons to tap home equity, but some of them might not make sense for you.
Private mortgage insurance, or PMI: The basics

Bewildered by private mortgage insurance? We explain PMI.
5 Things Micron's Management Wants You to Know

Shares of memory-maker Micron (NASDAQ: MU) haven't had the greatest year. Following the disappointing earnings results and forward guidance that the company gave during its quarterly earnings call last week, Micron stock is now down about 42% year to date as of this writing.
The Coming Stock Market Decline: What to Expect

Many big investors are fearful of a market decline. Even if they're correct there is always a way to profit.
NBC Dumps Donald Trump

Donald Trump apparently doesn't have NBC's vote. This, from the company today: "At NBC, respect and dignity for all people are cornerstones of our values. Due to the recent derogatory statements by Donald Trump regarding immigrants, NBCUniversal is ending its business relationship with Mr. Trump." The Miss USA pageant will...
DryShips Cashes Out of Tanker Business

It's official:DryShips(NASDAQ: DRYS)is out of the business of transporting oil. Three months ago, the (mostly) dry-bulk shipperannouncedplans to sell its four Suezmax tankers,theVilamoura, Lipari, Petalidi,and Bordeira,to"entities controlled by the Company's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, George Economou," for a total of $245 million.
5 Most Incredible Discoveries of the Week

An eye color linked to hitting the bottle and bad news about the Great Wall of China make the list: Sniff Test May Help Diagnose Autism : A simple sniff test shows promise in detecting autism in kidsperhaps even in those who aren't yet toddlers because it doesn't involve responding...
15 Eating Habits That Make You Live Longer

Eat to 100: Discover the secrets to living long (and well) from the world's healthiest people.
Will hotel bidding site net huge savings?

Don't pay full price for hotels! Try this method for scoring king-size bargains.
How one bank account can do it all

Score higher rates with high-yield checking, and you won't need a savings account.
10 Things You Should Never Do When You're Angry

When you're mad, everyday tasks like driving and using Facebook may later prove regrettable.
Other types of mortgages

There are all types of mortgages for all types of people. Consider these nontraditional loans.
17 Ways to Burn More Calories All Day

Looking to zap more calories? Here are 17 stealth ways to crank up your potential.
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Family Watches 'With Horror' as Baby Floats Away
What a day at the beach: A family was "apparently settling in" on the sand when their 10-month-old baby floated out to sea on a flotation device, the Telegraph reports. The family and other beach-goers watched "with horror," the paper says, as strong currents and winds carried out little Melda... More >
Latest News
Tom Cruise Close to Quitting Scientology: Report
Tom Cruise, leaving Scientology? Thank his daughter Suri if it happens: Citing an article that links to Star magazine, Gawker reports that Cruise is edging toward leaving the Church of Scientology after a tearful phone call with Suri. "She was going on and on about her ballet class and how... More >
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